NOUMINREN Food Research Laboratory

Due to the WTO Agreement starting from 1995, Japan has been forced to increase importing food and opening its market. This has effected seriously on Food Security and the Japanese agriculture.


NOUMINREN (Japan Family Farmers Movement) had tried to establish an institution that was independent from the Japanese government and corporations for protecting Food Security and people's health. NOUMINREN Food Research Laboratory was established on May 20, 1996 with the tremendous mental and financial aid from the members and the people who were concerning safety of food.

The laboratory has started with insufficient on equipments for analyzing foods, but the analysis equipment for Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) in 1999 and the analysis equipment for heavy metals in 2003 have been set up. Now, the laboratory is working effectively for protecting people's health and Food Security.

The activities of NOUMINREN Food Research Laboratory have been well known in public widely and greatly and has influenced greatly on the policies of the Japanese government. This laboratory is constituted and working for people.

Goals for NOUMINREN Food Research Laboratory

  • To protecting Food Security as a basic human right, the laboratory analyzes residual agricultural chemicals and heavy metals of imported foods and publishes the result of the analyses openly and widely.
  • To be a base for checking safety of domestic foods as a mean for protecting the Japanese agriculture and food self-sufficiency, the laboratory also investigates residual agricultural chemicals and nutrients of domestic agricultural products.
  • To provide much information to people, the laboratory works for collecting and publishing information in many ways, such as through website and newspaper.